Thursday, June 27, 2013

Medications To Stop Smoking

Prescriptions to Quit Smoking

There are a variety of smoking cessation prescription drugs to help you stop smoking. You should find one that works for you. Treatment time frames typically take approximately three months.


Chantix is an oral medication designed to help you stop smoking. It does not contain nicotine but helps you stop by blocking the nicotine receptors.

You should start on Chantix a week before you actually want to stop smoking in order to first give the medication a chance to build up in the body. While on Chantix, 44 percent of the people stopped smoking after nine weeks of treatment. This medication is taken two times a day.


Zyban is another medication to help you stop smoking. Like Chantix you start taking the medication while you are still smoking. According to some studies up to 54 percent of adults were able to stop smoking with the assistance of this drug. This medication is taken one time per day.

This drug is not suggested for use in people with a seizure disorder. You also should not take this medication if you take Wellbutrin.


Bupropion is an anti-depressant that has been effective in helping people stop smoking. The dosage varies depending upon your reaction to the medication. It is another medication that does not contain nicotine. Treatment typically lasts 12 weeks.

Nicotrol NS

Nicotrol NS is a nasal spray that contains nicotine. The premise behind it is to substitute the nicotine currently obtained from smoking with this nasal spray, then it is eventually reduced until the person is no longer addicted to nicotine.


Pamelor is a tricyclic anti-depressant that is used to help people stop smoking. The generic form of the drug is called nortriptyline. It is taken once per day at bedtime. Pamelor does not contain nicotine. It can be effective drug used for smoking cessation.

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