Friday, April 11, 2014

Plasma Screens Versus Lcd

Plasma Screens Vs LCD

The sharp colorful images that display on a plasma or LCD screen are high-definition (HD) quality. They are ideal for watching movies and playing video games. Deciding which one to purchase may be a tough decision. Here are the pros and cons of each type.


LCD screens have the advantage of being adaptable to multiple lighting conditions due to their non-reflective screen. The plasma screen is constructed with glass, giving it a lot of reflection. It is best viewed in dimly lit areas.

Energy Usage

The power needed to run an LCD screen is low and requires little voltage. Alternatively, plasmas are not very energy efficient since they use high voltage to produce images on their screens.

Image Production

Plasma screens use xenon or neon gases that produce light into individual pixels which generate its images. LCDs utilize a panel of liquid crystal cells to filter its light into specific colors on screen.


A plasma screen has the advantage of perfect pixel density, aspect ratio and near-to-perfect black contrast. LCDs are HD quality, but their black level contrast is not as sharp.


The LCD screen is easily moved or installed due to its lightweight construction. Plasmas are extremely heavy, made with a lot of glass and need professional installation.

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