Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nicotrol Unwanted Effects

Nicotrol Side Effects

Nicotrol is a brand name for the nicotine drug that is used to stop smoking. The drug is available as a chewing gum, lozenge or skin patch. This medication is used for 12 weeks and can be combined with education, counseling and psychological support. This drug helps cigarette smokers with nicotine withdrawal by maintaining nicotine levels in the smoker's bloodstream. Patients gradually withdraw from nicotine dependence by reducing the dosage of this medication.

Mouth and Jaw Effects

Some Nicotrol gum or lozenge users have complained of side effects related to the mouth or jaw and these effects should be discussed with a doctor. According to the Mayo Clinic, some patients have injured or irritated their mouth, teeth or dental work while they used this drug. Nicotrol gum chewers have noticed an increase in saliva and aching jaw muscles. A dry mouth and soreness in the mouth may occur.

Respiratory and Related Effects

Respiratory side effects have developed among some users of Nicotrol and these effects should be brought to a physician's attention. According to the Mayo Clinic, some individuals have noticed severe breathing difficulties while using this drug. Sore throats have been reported in some people. Some patients have complained of excessive hiccups. Coughing and hoarseness have occurred with this drug.

Gastrointestinal Effects

Some individuals have reported gastrointestinal side effects to a medical doctor while they were using Nicotrol. According to the Mayo Clinic, some users have vomited or become nauseous. Stomach pain has occurred with some men and women. Some people have developed constipation while they used Nicotrol. Diarrhea may occur with this drug. Indigestion and gas have been reported by some consumers of this medication.

Nervous System and Related Effects

Some Nicotrol patients have complained to their physicians about side effects that are related to the nervous system and these effects need prompt medical attention. According to the Mayo Clinic, users have noticed severe headaches or severe dizziness. Vision and hearing disturbances have occurred with this medicine. Some people have experienced tremors or confusion. Extreme exhaustion, fainting and convulsions are possible with this drug. Difficulty sleeping, irritability and nervousness have been experienced by some individual users of this medication.

Other Effects

Other effects were observed by Nicotrol users and these effects require medical assistance. According to the Mayo Clinic, some individual patients have experienced high blood pressure, low blood pressure and irregular heartbeats. Hives, itching and skin swelling can occur. Pale skin, cold sweats and changes in appetite were reported in some cases.

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