Monday, April 7, 2014

Ease Withdrawal Signs and symptoms In Your Own Home

Ease Withdrawal Symptoms at Home

If you've developed a strong dependence on a substance such as nicotine or alcohol and want to quit, you must be prepared to go through withdrawal after you stop using the substance. This is known as detox. If you choose to get clean at home, you will need to find methods for coping with the stressful symptoms of withdrawal, such as vomiting and severe headaches.


1. Sleep as much as you can, while your body is experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Getting as much rest as you can will aid your body in recovering quickly.

2. Consume healthy foods and drink plenty of water. If your stomach is upset, eat bland foods until you begin to feel your appetite return. If you experience vomiting, make sure that you stay hydrated by sipping small amounts of water every five to 10 minutes after throwing up.

3. Take ibuprofen, if you're experiencing headaches. Headaches are a common part of the withdrawal process, but they can be distressing. Keeping them under control can help you to feel more comfortable during this period of time.

4. Exercise whenever you are able to, in order to help your body sweat out toxins and build better health.

5. Take a multivitamin each morning with your breakfast, so that you can be sure your body is receiving all of the vitamins and minerals that it needs during this period of extra stress.

6. Avoid stressful situations, so that you are able to have a restful mind until your mood returns to normal.

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