Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Very Best Inventions Of 2002

Coming up with a successful invention can be very rewarding

Every year all sorts of new inventions are thought up by people from all over the world, but only a small number ever get heard about or even used. Sometimes even the best inventions are disregarded and end up on the scrapheap without even being given a chance. That was no different in 2002, but here are some of the best inventions that have, or perhaps will, become successful.


One of the most innovative inventions of 2002 was the birth control patch Ortho Evra, which is the brand name. It was a medical breakthrough when released, and is now a popular method of contraception. It works in the same way as a patch used to quit smoking, except it delivers estrogen and progestin hormones instead of nicotine. It is as effective as the contraceptive pill and one patch lasts an entire week. Users claim that it removes the stress of having to remember to take a pill every day and having to carry them around if needed. As of 2011, the amount of prescriptions issued for Ortho Evra totals above 40 million, and Johnson and Johnson, the company who owns it, has made around $1.6 billion.


A simple and effective invention to make people feel safer in bars was released in 2002. The date rape drug spotter was invented by Francisco Guerra, and takes the form of a cardboard drink coaster commonly found in bars and pubs. After rubbing a few drops of a drink into the date rape drug spotter coaster, it is changes color if the drink contains either ketamine or gamma-hydroxybutyrate, commonly known as GHB. This invention is now available as a cheap and effective way for people to check their drinks if they have a suspicion of it being spiked. After its introduction, people have spoken out about how it has kept them safe and is a deterrent to crime. It is not surprising that it received lots of positive reviews in a variety of newspapers and magazines, including Entreprenuer, Marie Claire and Time.


The winter sport of skiing received a new invention in 2002, with sports company Head releasing the world's first pair of electronic skis. Called i.C 300 skis, they contain a special material called Intellifibers, which can expand and contract to make the skis stiffer or softer. The microchip inside the ski helps to judge whether the skis are on powder snow or ice, and sends electrical signals to the Intellifibers. Effectively these skis have the ability to adapt themselves to be best suited to all types of snow conditions. These skis were such a good asset to the sport of skiing that the International Ski Federation (FIS) approved them for use in competition races.


A new car invented by General Motors, claiming to cause zero pollution, was revealed in 2002. Called the Hy-Wire concept car, it is powered by hydrogen fuel cells, so the only emissions the car releases into the atmosphere is water vapor. Without a conventional engine and steering block, throttle and steering control of the car is achieved through a single control interface, which can be used in either the left or right seat. The environmentally friendly vehicle can reach speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. Other transport inventions in 2002, like the three wheeled Trikke Scooter and the Wheelman, may provide new and inexpensive ways to get around, but the Hy-Wire takes the lead in its attempt to revolutionize the world's most popular mode of transport.

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