Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Positive Causes Of Giving up Smoking

Many positive reasons for quitting smoking exist, but a smoker only needs to find one. He needs one reason that will inspire him to quit. He needs one positive reason that will support him through the cravings and make quitting the option he wants. Quitting smoking is not easy, and it can take a smoker many attempts at quitting to find the positive reason that helps him to succeed at becoming a non-smoker.

Save Money

Buying cigarettes is expensive business. The average carton costs anywhere between 25 and 50 dollars; heavy smokers spend easily between 200 and 400 dollars per month on their cigarettes. Quitting smoking saves money.

Reduces Nasal Problems

Smoking is an irritant and encourages nasal drainage. According to American Cancer Association, cigarette smoking increases a person's chances for sinus infections. Quitting smoking reduces nasal problems and sinus infections.

Smell Better

Smokers don't recognize the odor of burning cigarettes and old smoke that clings to them, but others do. A smoker can mask some of it with perfume. However, with one cigarette later, the clothing, hair and person smells like an ashtray once again. Smelling like an ashtray is not attractive, so smelling better is a positive reason to quit smoking.

Freedom of Options

Smoking reduces the number of options people have today. Smokers are banished outdoors in many states (California doesn't allow smokers indoors anywhere and many other states are following). Smokers are a modern leper for businesses, and even companies ask employees to go outside and smoke at least twenty to thirty feet away from the door. A positive reason for quitting smoking is more options for eating, working and free time.

Self-Esteem and Pride

Most smokers didn't start smoking because they wanted to become addicted to nicotine and smell like an ashtray. A lot of smokers want to quit, but they struggle with self-esteem and addiction. Personal pride and self-esteem takes a major boost when smokers successfully become non-smokers. It doesn't happen the first week or even the second week, but the third or fourth time the feeling of wanting a cigarette comes around.

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