Friday, April 11, 2014

What's An Electrical Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes
found popularity in Europe in 2004, and were finally introduced to the American market in 2009. Dubbed "the smoke-less cigarette," electronic cigarettes offer a healthier alternative to cigarette smoking.


Electronic cigarettes were invented by Hon Lik, a Beijing-based inventor. In 2004, his product found increasing popularity in Asia and Europe. In early 2009, electronic cigarettes hit the market in the United States, and have gained astonishing popularity.


Electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco and can be smoked anywhere. They serve as a healthier, safer alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes as they contain less chemicals and carcinogens and have none of the risks of secondhand smoke.


Electronic cigarettes run on battery power. The battery heats up the filter, which contains nicotine, creating a vapor that is inhaled by the smoker. Electronic cigarettes are inhaled just like a real cigarette, but they do not have the chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes. Different flavors can be purchased to fill the filters with, including mint, vanilla, wild cherry and original tobacco.


While all electronic cigarettes work the same, there are different types. Some can be plugged directly into a computer USB port or a cigarette lighter to charge, while others come with separate chargers. There a variety of electronic cigarette companies, including NJoy and Smoking Anywhere.


Since electronic cigarettes contain none of the chemicals and carcinogens of tobacco cigarettes, they do not carry the same health risks. Smokers also will enjoy the electronic cigarettes' lack of odor and the fact that they do not stain teeth. They are convenient because they can be smoked anywhere.

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