Friday, April 11, 2014

About Ion Cleansing

Ion cleansing foot baths are a popular detoxification practice that is performed in spas and natural health practitioner's offices. These 30-minute ion cleansing foot baths offer an external method of extracting various types of internal contaminants.


Ion cleansing is a reverse osmosis process that magnetizes the ions in your body with both negative and positive electronic currents. These currents, which are energized by salt, literally attach themselves to toxins in your different locations around your body such as your liver, kidneys and bladder and then release them through the pores of your feet during a machine-propelled ion cleansing foot bath.


Because ion cleansing is performed by placing the feet into an electronic water basin, the user generally does not experience any pain or discomfort as the toxins are released. The user is also able to immediately see the results of the ion cleanse because the water turns different colors as the body releases different toxins. For example, the color yellow signifies urinary system detox, orange signifies joint detox and dark green signifies gall bladder detox.


Ion cleansing presents a way to effortlessly remove toxins such as pesticides, food additives, nicotine and a wide array of other toxic substances from the body. Continued use of ion cleansing foot baths could also accelerate the body's metabolism, strengthen weakened immune systems and support the body's lymphatic system. Ion cleansing proponents have reported increased energy, sharper mental clarity, decreased aches and pains, more restful sleep, clear skin and a sense of overall well-being.


Before undergoing an ion cleansing foot bath, you should seek a physician-supervised muscle test to determine if your body is in need of detoxification. You should also ask your doctor to prescribe you an ion cleansing treatment plan to determine how many ion cleansing foot baths you should have done. Also, you should be aware that anyone who has gained or lost an organ, has metal joints or is fitted with any electronic device such as a pacemaker should not partake in ion cleansing.


While ion cleansing is an effective toxin remover, it cannot cure or heal any disease, condition or syndrome in the body. Also, you must continuously receive ion cleansing for it to remain working for you. The recommended frequency of treatments is 14 sessions over three weeks, then three weeks off followed by one monthly maintenance session for people under 50 years old. For people over 50, no more than two ion cleansing foot baths are recommended.

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