Friday, March 29, 2013

About Sinus Infections

The four hollow spaces in your face called the sinus helps resonate your voice, make your skull lighter and protect the brain from harm should a life-threatening impact occur. However, when these spaces are clogged or infected, the purposes for which they were designed are not completely fulfilled, causing discomfort and possible sinus infections.


The four sinuses located within the bones of face allow mucous forming membranes to drain mucous into the nasal passages via fine hairs called "cilia." The cleansing affects of the mucous moves and keeps air particles and germs that may cause harm, out of the sinuses. When the mucous membranes produce too much mucous, it causes a blockage or "traffic jam" in the sinuses, giving bacteria a place to develop and causing swelling or inflammation in the sinus cavities.


Sinusitis or a sinus infection has occurred when the sinuses are swollen or inflamed, mucous drainage has backed up and bacteria in the sinus area has developed, also known as a bacterial infection in the sinuses. Viral infection or colds can also cause a sinus infection. The sinus lining may be assaulted by the cold virus, causing constriction and narrowing in the sinuses, resulting in an infection.


Other enemies to the sinuses can be stress, alcohol, cigarette smoke or any type of nicotine, allergies and even water for divers and swimmers. Abusing decongestant nasal sprays can negatively affect the sinuses as well as nasal polyp growths that will congest the sinus channels.


Various cold symptoms can also apply to sinusitis or a sinus infection. A headache or discomfort around the eyes and face, congestion and a possible fever may be indicators or signs of an infection. Also, nasal discharge that appears yellow and thick and gives off an unpleasant odor can also be your body's way of getting your attention to bring relief.


To prevent sinus infection, do your best to avoid some of the "sinus enemies" listed. Also, adding or increasing antioxidants in your diet and vegetables and fruits that are dark in color will fortify your immune system. If a sinus infection is already in motion, keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water and hot tea. Take time just to rest. If you lie down when resting, try using the side that is easiest to breathe. Breathe the steam of hot water in a bowl three or four times a day. You can also do this by putting a hot towel to your face and breathing in.

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