Thursday, March 28, 2013

Is Definitely An Ecigarette Like Smoking

Electronic cigarettes were recently developed to allow users to experience the effects of nicotine without the smoke.


An electronic cigarette is a battery-powered nicotine delivery device. Some are reusable and rechargeable, but disposable varieties have been developed.


An electronic cigarette looks similar to a traditional tobacco cigarette. It is tube-shaped, and the outside may be painted to resemble the white paper and brown filter of an ordinary cigarette. More creative designs have emerged, including electronic cigarettes that resemble ballpoint pens.


An electronic cigarette uses inhalation airflow and battery power to vaporize a liquid nicotine solution and deliver it to the user's lungs. The liquid is flavored to mimic the taste and sensation of inhaled cigarette smoke.


Although the electronic cigarette allows inhaled nicotine without the combustion, smoke and chemicals associated with burning tobacco, health experts warn that electronic cigarettes are not safer than their smoked counterparts. In July 2009, the FDA found that electronic cigarettes contain toxins and carcinogens.


Electronic cigarettes are not devices for quitting smoking because nicotine levels are the same as in tobacco cigarettes. They are a replacement they employs the look, feel and sensation of a traditional cigarette without the tobacco smoke.

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