Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Clean Hummel Collectible figurines

Hummel figurines are a great investment because their value never goes down. It is important, however, to keep your Hummel figurines in pristine condition. Over time, your Hummels will collect dust and become dirty. You will need to clean them up. You don't want to just use any cleaner, because some cleaners could do damage to the Hummel, and leave the Hummel discolored.


1. Pour a quarter of a cup of water in to a plastic cup.

2. Add a tsp. of lighter fluid to the water and mix them together.

3. Dip your cloth in to the lighter fluid mixture to get the tip of the cloth wet.

4. Place your thumb or index finger over the hole to plug it up. If water were to get in the Hummel's hole, you would have a problem.

5. Start wiping down your Hummel with the wet tip. You can use a little bit of pressure. Wipe in a circular motion. Continue from the top of the Hummel to the bottom.

6. Dip a toothbrush in to the lighter fluid mixture and lightly scrub any stubborn stains or dirt marks.

7. Wet a cloth and wipe down the Hummel when you are done cleaning the Hummel with the lighter fluid mixture. Don't soak the cloth, a damp cloth will do.

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