Thursday, May 23, 2013

Listing Of Providers Of Nicotine Sulfate

Nicotine sulfate works against aphids.

Nicotine sulfate is a compound used as a pesticide in agricultural applications. Due to its toxicity to humans and other animals, nicotine sulfate must be used with caution and only as directed. The pesticide works on many plants to kill aphids, spider mites and other insects that feed off plants. Nicotine sulfate can be purchased as a 40 percent solution from many suppliers.

Acros Organics

Arcos Organics supplies nicotine sulfate 40 percent solution in 500-gram quantities. As of October 2010 the listed price was $80.60. The Acros website provides material safety data sheet information and a 3-D model of nicotine sulfate.

Acros Organics USA

500 American Road

Morris Plains, New Jersey, 07950

Phone 800-766-7000

Sigma Aldrich

Sigma is a large supplier of chemicals for use in laboratories. Sigma sells the 40 percent solution of nicotine sulfate in 25ml and 100ml quantities. As of October 2010, the 25ml bottle cost $39 and the 100ml bottle cost $83.30.


Phone: 800-325-3010


ABCR is a German company with a wide variety of chemical and industrial supplies. ABCR sells nicotine sulfate in 25ml and 500ml quantities. Prices are in euros. The 25ml bottle is €49 ($70) and the 500ml bottle costs €235 ($331) as of October 2010.

ABCR GmbH & Co.

Im Schlehert 10

76187 Karlsruhe


Phone: 490-721-950 61-0

Black Leaf 40

Available commercially through farm and garden centers, Black Leaf 40 is a 40 percent solution of nicotine sulfate produced by Chemical Formulators. Prices and bottle size vary depending on where you purchase Black Leaf 40.

Chemical Formulators Inc.

2045 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 200

Atlanta, Georgia, 30309

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