Friday, May 10, 2013

Unwanted Effects Of Ecigarettes

Electronic cigarettes can seem appealing to people who wouldn't normally consider smoking.

When electronic cigarettes were first introduced to the public in 2004, it was initially assumed they would be healthier than regular cigarettes; however, after a great deal of study, it has been determined they are not as healthy as people originally believed. Electronic cigarettes hold dangerous chemicals and can lead people to start smoking actual cigarettes.


As with traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes contain nicotine. This is a highly addictive substance that causes numerous health issues. In addition to nicotine, several carcinogens, including nitrosamines, have been found in trace amounts in electronic cigarettes. These are grave concerns and were what propelled the development of an alternative to traditional cigarettes. There also is a risk of nicotine poisoning because the absorption rate of nicotine from an electronic cigarette versus a traditional one is slower.

Appealing to Children

Many manufacturers of electronic cigarettes have taken to adding several flavors to their products, such as cherry, strawberry and bubble gum. Unfortunately, even though the intent was to lessen the strong taste of nicotine, these flavors can make electronic cigarettes appealing to children. This is tragic in that this defeats the purpose of having antismoking campaigns geared toward children. These flavors make electronic cigarettes seem more like a toy than as an alternative to traditional tobacco products for adults.


Electronic cigarettes are not convenient because you have to carry extra batteries and cartridges at all times. The batteries do not typically have a long life, and it's quite embarrassing when they quit in the middle of smoking, specifically during a social event. Traditional cigarettes also are lighter than electronic cigarettes. This can cause an issue if you are only looking to sit with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth unlit. It is inconvenient to do that with an electronic cigarette because of the weight.

Legal Issues

For smokers who tend to do a great deal of traveling, having an electronic cigarette may be a hindrance. They are illegal in several countries, and in others the laws are quite hazy. It would be advisable to check with that country's U.S. Consulate to see if electronic cigarettes are legal before bringing them with you on the plane.

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