Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Make Use Of A Nicotrol Inhaler

Smoking Cessation

The Nicotrol Inhaler, also known as the nicotine inhalation system, is a treatment that is available by prescription to help people quit smoking. Generally when people stop smoking, they will experience withdrawal symptoms such as nervousness, anxiety, an increase in appetite and irritability. The Nicotrol Inhaler allows smokers to give up cigarettes without going through withdrawal, and it helps reduce their nicotine cravings. This treatment consists of a mouthpiece and cartridges that contain nicotine. However, most of the nicotine ends up in the person's throat and not the lungs.


Use a Nicotrol Inhaler

1. Stop smoking completely before using the Nicotrol Inhaler.

2. Start treatment by using a minimum of six cartridges daily for the first three to six weeks of treatment.

3. Attach a new cartridge to the mouthpiece before using the Nicotrol Inhaler.

4. Inhale deeply through the mouthpiece for at least 20 minutes. Be sure to inhale into the throat and not the lungs.

5. Increase the dosage amounts if necessary in order to reduce the intensity of the nicotine cravings. However, do not use more than 16 cartridges in one day unless advised by a doctor to do so.

6. Remove the cartridge after the mouthpiece is empty.

7. Gradually stop using the Nicotrol Inhaler after 12 weeks of treatment. This process can take an additional 12 weeks.

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