Friday, May 10, 2013

Juice To Cleanse The Bloodstream

Beets juice is the best juice for cleansing your blood.

Citrus and vegetable juices have a healing effect on your body and rid it of toxins and impurities. Carbon dioxide and other toxic chemicals can harm your blood's function. Juice can be used to specifically cleanse your blood. Lemon, beet, beet greens and leafy greens, such as chard and spinach, are particularly good for blood purification. Drinking wheat-grass, alfalfa and barley juice cleanses your blood and increases red blood cells. The most effective blood cleanser is juice made from beet and beet greens. Juicing is a powerful cleanser, a builder of blood and a natural cost-effective way to stay healthy.


1. Fill your sink with cold water. Put the beets and beet greens into the water and wash by shaking them back and forth.

2. Place in a colander and rinse again with cold water. Check that all dirt has been removed. Let dry.

3. Cut the greens off of the beets.

4. Slice the beets into pieces that fit into your juicer.

5. Roll the leafy beet greens into balls that fit into your juicer.

6. Turn the juicer on and put a beet slice into your juicer. Then put a beet-greens ball in. Alternate between the beets slices and the beet-greens balls.

7. Pour the beet juice into a glass.

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