Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Stop Smoking Using Blu Cigs

Quit Smoking Using
Blu Cigs

Bue Cigs are a smoke-free alternative to cigarettes that allow you to feel like you are smoking without any of the harmful affects of real cigarettes. Blu Cigs do contain nicotine and you are in complete control of how much nicotine you put in each blu cig.


1. Order and receive your Blu Cigs (Link below in resources).

2. Unbox and charge your blu pack.

3. Assemble your blu cig and begin use with an appropriate nicotine pack. Choose from Full (16mg), Light (12mg), and Ultra Light (8mg).

4. Continue using the nicotine strength that you are comfortable with for two weeks while you adjust to smoking Blu's. Discontinue using any real cigarettes during this time.

5. After 2-4 weeks, lower your nicotine intake by switching to a lower level nicotine cartridge.

6. Continue lowering your nicotine intake until you are using the non-nicotine cartridge. Using the non-nicotine cartridge will help you adjust to no nicotine while continuing the habit of simulating smoking.

7. Drop the Blu cig completely. You have now quit smoking!

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