Monday, July 29, 2013

Cut Back On Cigarettes

Cigarette prices have been soaring for quite some time now. Name-brand cigarettes cost around $6 a pack, as of July 2009. This may seem like the perfect time to quit, but for those who enjoy smoking and are not ready to give up the habit, this is the time to make better decisions when buying. Spending less money on cigarettes is actually much easier than you may think.


1. Buy in bulk. Purchasing a carton of cigarettes each week as opposed to a pack a day could save you anywhere from 30 cents to $5, depending on the cost of the brand you smoke.

2. Cut back on the amount you smoke. When you go out, only take one cigarette for each hour that you will be gone. This will eliminate smoking just because cigarettes are readily available.

3. Switch to a cheaper brand. Name-brand cigarettes are much more expensive than generics. By switching to a less-expensive brand, you could save anywhere from a few cents to a couple dollars. Sometimes the generic brands taste just as good, if not better, than the name brands.

4. Roll your own. By purchasing tobacco in a bag, tobacco filters or an entire rolling kit, you could save even more. If you still wish to smoke a premade pack every now and then, smoke roll-your-own's on weekdays and treat yourself to store-bought packs on weekends.

5. Look for discounts. When buying cigarettes, ask the clerk about any deals, such as buy-one, get-one free offers or savings if you buy more than one pack. Even if it's not your normal brand, it will save money and perhaps be a cigarette that you just so happen to enjoy.

6. Smoke outside. If you smoke in your home, you may find that you're lighting up more often than you would if you had to actually walk somewhere else to smoke. By setting aside a designated smoking spot, you'll be more likely to cut down on the amount you smoke, plus you'll also keep your home smelling fresh.

7. Search online. Lots of companies online sell cigarettes for deep discounts and offer all kinds of specials and promotions. These websites specialize in cigarette sales, so you're almost guaranteed to get a deal.

8. Utilize those coupons. Brand-name cigarettes like Kool and Marlboro allow smokers of legal age to sign up with their website in order to receive discounts and promotions through mail and email. They'll mail all kinds of useful coupons with excellent deals. Sometimes you'll also receive DVDs, ashtrays and books.

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