Monday, July 22, 2013

Induce Bad dreams

Induce Nightmares

Although most people do not enjoy having nightmares, some people actually look forward to them and try to induce them whenever they can. These people are often the same people that enjoy watching scary movies and reading frightening books. They enjoy the adrenaline rush that often follows a terrifying nightmare.


1. Take a vitamin B6 pill about an hour before bedtime. The B6 has been proven to increase the intensity of dreams.

2. Think about what scares you most before you fall asleep at night. If your biggest fear is being stalked by a maniacal killer, imagine him hiding in your closet or under your bed. Concentrate on the scenario that works best for you, and let yourself drift off to sleep with these thoughts on your mind. Often our dreams center around the last thoughts we had before going to sleep.

3. Fall asleep watching a very scary movie. Again, pick a movie where the story plot coincides with a realistic fear for you. Or if reading is your preference, crawl into bed with a scary book.

4. Eat a snack while you are in bed watching that scary movie. Eating increases brain activity. Some people find that eating late at night causes them to have nightmares. Try spicy and salty foods, as these have a greater chance of helping you to induce nightmares.

5. Cover your head while you sleep. There is no medical proof of this, but many people have found that if they wear a hat to bed or pull the blankets up over their head, they can induce nightmares.

6. Slip on a pair of socks. While some people believe covering their head induces nightmares, other people have found the same effect if they cover their feet while sleeping.

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