Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Smoke Assist Product Directions

Electronic cigarettes help many people quit smoking traditional cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes, or "E-cigs" are becoming a very popular smoking alternative. Releasing harmless vapors rather than dangerous smoke, E-cigs have none of the harmful chemicals found in traditional cigarettes, although many electronic cigarettes deliver nicotine when inhaled. Some E-cigs have no nicotine, such as Smoke Assist, but do offer a variety of flavored vapor. Using Smoke Assist electronic cigarettes is similar to using other E-cigs, allowing many people to stop smoking traditional cigarettes and offer a way to satisfy the oral need to "smoke" without the harmful effects.


1. Attach the Smoke Assist battery to the USB charger provided. The charger is attached by twisting the battery into it clockwise, until hand tight.

2. Plug the charger with the E-cig attached to any computer USB port. Turn on the computer to charge the E-cig. A light should blink on the charger while the E-cig is charging.

3. Allow the battery to charge for several hours. Smoke Assist suggests you charge the battery until the charge light turns green.

4. Unplug the charger from the USB port, then disconnect the E-cig from the charger by twisting counterclockwise.

5. Pull the inhaler off the atomizer. The inhaler is the portion of the E-cig that looks like a traditional cigarette's filter.

6. Attach a Smoke Assist cartridge to the atomizer by screwing them together using the threaded end.

7. Push the atomizer, with the cartridge attached, back into the inhaler.

8. Screw the atomizer and inhaler on the Smoke Assist battery until hand tight.

9. "Smoke" the E-cig as you would a traditional cigarette by sucking on the inhaler end and inhaling the vapor. The indicator light on the end of the Smoke Assist will light up to simulate the ember on a traditional cigarette.

10. Recharge the E-cig and replace the cartridge as needed, following the steps above.

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