Friday, July 26, 2013

Do You Know The Most Dangerous Things Present In Cigarettes

Chemicals and other harmful materials go into making each cigarette.

Consumers are educated about the harmful effects of smoking. Long-term smoking has been proven to cause cancer and other ailments to the body. Though consumers are aware of the harmful effects, most are unaware of what harmful chemicals are in cigarettes to cause these outcomes to begin with. According to the American Lung Association, there are over 50 cancer-causing chemicals found in cigarettes.


The most common agent found in cigarettes is nicotine. This substance is considered an addictive drug, according to WebMD. Nicotine is also used as a powerful insecticide. Even products such as electronic cigarettes that help people quit smoking have been shown to prolong nicotine addiction and promote it in individuals who have never smoked before.

Benzene or Benzopyrene

Benzene is a hydrocarbon chemical that is created from burned coal or petroleum. Benzene is used as a solvent to manufacture cigarettes. This chemical is colorless and has been known to be a carcinogen that causes leukemia.


Acetone is mostly used in nail polish remover. It has a strong and pungent odor with a chemical compound that is strong enough to remove paint stains from walls. Acetone is also found in cigarettes.


Tar is used in the production of cigarettes. Tar is most commonly used to pave the streets you drive on. Even though cigarettes have filters, this substance is still drawn into the lungs with each puff on a cigarette.

Fungicides and Pesticides

Cigarettes do not just have chemical solvents used in cleaning the house, but cigarettes also have pesticides and fungicides that you would use in your home or a medical lab. Some of the more common pesticides and fungicides found in cigarettes are arsenic (rat poison), naphthalene (used in mothballs) and formaldehyde (used to embalm bodies and prevent decomposition).

Chemical Cleansers

Cigarettes have also been shown to contain several chemical cleansers that you would use around your home to clean things like your toilet. Ammonia is a popular ingredient found in cigarettes -- which is used in a variety of household cleansers.

Other Items

Aside from chemicals that are used to produce and create a cigarette, there are other items that can be found in a cigarette as well. Items such as dead bugs, dirt, manure or soot can be found in a cigarette as well, according to Illinois Department of Public Health.

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