Monday, July 8, 2013

Items For Getting rid of Tobacco Smoke Smells

Cigarette smoke odor isn't easy to remove.

Cigarette smoke odor can cause an unpleasant smell in a home or car. It can also be incredibly difficult to get rid of. The odor occurs when tar and nicotine from cigarettes dissipate into the air and stick to surfaces in the room. The smoke odor can cling to anything -- appliances, televisions, upholstery, and carpets. Smoke can even seep into a home's air vents. Fortunately, there are numerous products in the marketplace designed to remove smoke smell.

Air Purifiers and Air Sanitizers

One product used to neutralize cigarette odor is call Ozone. Ozone is a machine that works as an air purifier, breaking up cigarette smoke particles. A product similar to Ozone is called the Air Oasis. It is also an air purifier that removes odor. Air sanitizers can also get rid of cigarette odor. One such product, TimeMist Ounceium is an air sanitizer used to reduce airborne bacteria and eliminate smoke odor. It works by sanitizing and deodorizing the air.

Upholstery Cleaning

To get cigarette smoke out of carpet and upholstery, many experts recommend hiring a professional upholstery or carpet cleaner. However, a person can clean upholstery or carpet on their own. According to Home EC 101, individuals should use an upholstery cleaner combined with equal parts water and vinegar. To completely remove the odor from carpet or upholstery, the cleaning process may need to occur several times.


Another product for eliminating cigarette odor and tobacco smell is Vamoose. The product works by dissolving the tar and nicotine from which the odor emits. According to the products' website, Vamoose works by eliminating the odor on a molecular level. Vamoose comes in three scents -- fresh scent, leather scent, and new car scent. A fragrance-free version is also available.

Removing the Odor Naturally

The most natural way to eliminate odor from cigarettes is to wash the areas in which the odor is present. This could include washing the windows, ceilings, walls, blinds, and floors. Cigarette smoke doesn't just leave a smell; it also leaves a residue behind. Washing the surfaces and areas of the smell is critical to getting rid of the odor.

Additionally, it can also help if a person opens their windows as much as possible. This will allow fresh air to pass through. It's also important for a person to remember that they may not be able to eliminate the smell immediately. It may take time for the smoke to completely dissipate.

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