Monday, July 8, 2013

Eliminate Tobacco Smoke Odor In Your House

Get Rid Of Cigarette Smoke Odor In Your Home

If you're a non-smoker who just moved into a new home or apartment that smells of cigarettes, you are probably doing everything to get rid of the odor! But that cigarette smell is very hard to eliminate, and it can be frustrating when nothing seems to work. Don't give up - there are proven methods that can give you some needed relief. Here is some advice on Get Rid Of Cigarette Smoke Odor In Your Home.


1. Ozone Machine/Ion Machine Treatments: These are two common commercial remedies for removing latent smoke smell from a room.

Ozone Treatments usually involve setting up the ozone generator in a room and letting it run for several hours. The house or apartment needs to have all the windows closed and the occupants have to leave the home during the process. The ozone emitted works to interact with the smoke particles that are suspended in the air or that are coating everything in the rooms, neutralizing the odors.

Ion Treatments involve a machine that produces negative ions which purify the air. These ionizers can be purchased for home use and can run constantly without harm to anyone in the home.

Both of these treatments can be effective to some degree, and may require more than one treatment.

2. Smoker's Candles: These are specially formulated candles that contain enzymes that help neutralize and remove smoke odor. These candles come in many different scents, and can be purchased online or at almost any major store, such as Wal-mart. They are often even available at cigar/cigarette shops.

These candles tend to burn for several hours, doing their work gradually. They are also used to remove cooking and pet odors. There are many suppliers, so if you are searching for them online, just search for "Smoker's Candle".

3. Odor-Neutralizing Sprays: Use odor-neutralizing products such as Febreze or Glade Fabric & Air Odor Eliminator. These products don't just cover over existing odors with another masking smell, they work to eliminate offensive smells. There are different forms of odor-neutralizers, such as sprays, candles, and powders.

Use these products on everything in your home that can absorb odors. For example, repeatedly treat carpets, curtains and fabric furniture, since tar, nicotine, and smoke particles attach themselves to all porous materials.

4. Odor-Absorbing Materials: Place odor-absorbing materials around your house to soak up leftover airborne smoke particles. Baking soda, kitty litter, charcoal, and bowls of vinegar placed around the home can remove smoke odor by absorbing airborne particles.

5. Fresh Air: Simply opening up the windows and letting fresh air circulate through the home can do a lot to eliminate persistent smoke odors. In addition to other types of treatments, be sure to air out the home as often as possible until the odor has dissipated.

6. Professional Cleaners: Have all curtains, carpets, and rugs professionally cleaned. Cigarette odors, tar, and nicotine readily attach themselves to these types of materials and need to be removed with industrial cleaning chemicals and methods. Have a dry-cleaner clean curtains and drapes and have a commercial cleaner such as ServiceMaster or Stanley Steemer clean your carpeting.

7. Bleach, Ammonia or Vinegar: Various common household products can be used to clean tar and nicotine residue from walls and ceilings.

Use a mixture of one part bleach and two parts water and wipe your walls down gently, being careful not to remove the paint. If you are intending to repaint the walls anyway, scrub as hard as you can to clean deep. Be sure you keep all windows open so that the bleach fumes don't overpower you.

Ammonia mixed with hot water can be an effective cleanser and odor eliminator. Again, be sure you are in a well-ventilated room when doing this.

A vinegar and water solution is also an effective cleaner for your walls, ceilings and baseboards.

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