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Hidden Risks Of The Cigarrest Quit Smoking Program

Hidden Dangers of the CigArrest Stop Smoking Program

CigArrest is an herbal smoking cessation aid. Some people believe CigArrest has helped them quit smoking. However, these brews, teas and lozenges are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration and contain potentially deadly plant products. The levels of these herbs are low in CigArrest and are safe for an adult to take as directed on the bottle. Still, if a person doubles a dose or disregards the instructions, that person could be in real danger. If a child should eat a piece of CigArrest gum, the results could be deadly.

Lobelia Inflata

Lobelia inflata, also called Indian tobacco, is an herb similar to nicotine, and is the main ingredient in CigArrest. Indian tobacco, even in small amounts, can cause undesirable side effects. Low doses of Indian tobacco can cause bronchial dilation, and increased respiratory rate resulting from autonomic nervous system stimulation. In higher doses, Lobelia inflata can cause autonomic nervous system depression. This can result in rapid heart rate, hypertension, coma and potentially death.

Quinine Bark

Cinchona officinalis is listed as the second ingredient in CigArrest. Cinchona officinalis is the source plant for quinine, and is known commonly as quinine bark. Quinine was instrumental in curing outbreaks of malaria, it treats fever, anemia and is a mild pain reliever. However, quinine in large doses is toxic, and an overdose can cause thinning blood, blindness and dangerous heart rhythms.

Nux Vomica

The final herbal ingredient in CigArrest is nux vomica, commonly known as poison nut. True to its name, poison nut produces strychnine. Strychnine in extremely small amounts can be harmless. However, it does not take a large amount of strychnine to produce adverse reactions. These reactions include agitation, coma, respiratory failure and death.


The instructions on CigArrest lozenges read that you can take one whenever and wherever the nicotine craving strikes. If you smoke two cigarettes an hour, and replace those cigarettes with these lozenges, you are essentially trading the nicotine for two doses of strychnine, quinine and Indian tobacco. The label says that the safety and effectiveness of this food supplement has not been established by the FDA.


There is no reason to risk your health to quit smoking. There are much safer smoking cessation products such as the medication Chantix, which is approved by the FDA. You can also join a support group. Although quitting smoking is hard, there is great comfort in knowing you are not alone.

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