Friday, July 5, 2013

Stop Smoking For More healthy Hair & Skin

Say "no" to smoking.

Quitting smoking is essential for a glowing hair and healthier wrinkle-free skin. Smoking is an important risk factor for cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and respiratory problems. Also, cigarette smoke accelerates the aging process causing skin dryness, pigmentation, premature wrinkle formation, hair loss, baldness and gray hair. Therefore, for many reasons, quitting smoking is important to live a long and healthy life.


1. Read about the health risks involved with incessant smoking and use a pen and paper to compile a comprehensive list of health benefits one can achieve by quitting smoking. While relinquishing the habit of smoking improves blood circulation, breathing and the overall health and fitness of an individual, it also saves a lot of money.

2. Recognize and record the triggers. Each time you light up a cigarette, make a note of the time and reason for smoking. Record these details in the form of a table. By knowing the triggers, it is easier to find safe and healthy ways to avoid the urge to smoke.

3. Make a note of things to do instead of smoking. For example, walking, listening to music, chewing gum, singing and exercising help in avoiding the urge to smoke. Always keep the note in the pocket and read these options whenever there is a trigger to light a cigarette.

4. Know about various methods to quit smoking. Some of these methods include cold turkey, over-the-counter products such as nicotine patches, prescription drugs such as nicotine inhalers, and counseling. Remember, a planned approach to quit smoking ensures better results. However, seek consultation from a medical practitioner before starting any method.

5. Identify a start date. Inform family members and friends about the decision and seek their support. Throw away all the items that remind you of smoking such as cigarettes, ash trays and lighters.

6. Remember that giving up smoking is hard, yet not impossible. Know in detail about the withdrawal symptoms of giving up smoking. Some of these symptoms include nervousness, anxiety, mood swings, irritability, reduced concentration, and constipation. The best ways to avoid these symptoms include meditation, increased physical activity and consuming healthy diet. Also, go to places such as a library or a place of worship where smoking is forbidden.

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