Monday, February 18, 2013

Buy Cigarettes Inexpensively

There are several ways to buy name-brand cigarettes cheaply.

The cost of cigarettes is ever-increasing, but you can find your preferred brand cheaply by shopping at discount stores, using coupons or buying a carton instead of single packs.

Discount Stores

Discount tobacco stores are ubiquitous and offer name-brand cigarettes at discounted rates; they also offer cheaply made, "off brand" cigarettes. You may find a discount tobacco aisle at a discount liquor store as well.


Signing up for coupons and promotions with your preferred brand offers you special discounts, through email or your regular mail. Camel and Marlboro previously offered promotions known as "Camel Cash" and "Marlboro Miles," but now offer coupon sign-ups through their websites.

Purchasing Cartons

The cost per pack of cigarettes is higher when you purchase individual packs than when you purchase a carton. A carton is 10 packs of cigarettes and can often save you more than $5.

In-Store Promotions

In-store promotions, such as buy one pack, get one pack free--or coupons attached to the pack of cigarettes--can help you save money. Cigarette stores, supermarkets, and gas stations also run specials on different brands at different times, so check your local stores and their prices, and compare.

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