Sunday, February 17, 2013

Emotional Results Of Smoking

The emotional effects of smoking make it difficult for smokers to quit and non-smokers to understand the challenge. According to Web MD and "Medical News Today", both non-smokers and smokers experience emotional reactions to cigarette smoke and nicotine; not surprisingly, those emotional reactions are different.


Smokers experience satisfaction when inhaling a cigarette or receiving a dose of nicotine. The sensation of satisfaction is directly related to reducing the stress associated with the nicotine craving. On the contrary, non-smokers experience irritation and impatience when exposed to cigarette smoke or nicotine.


Nicotine is a stimulant. Smoking cigarettes energizes smokers and helps them wake up in the morning. Non-smokers experience a similar energizing effect from nicotine.


Smokers experience high amounts of stress when prevented from smoking. This effect is usually caused by the depletion of nicotine in the system and can be exacerbated by other common sources of stress. Non-smokers experience stress when subjected to smoke.


Smokers tend to feel weary and sluggish when deprived of cigarettes and nicotine. This is related to the stimulant effect of nicotine.


Smokers who spend all day working in an office or flying on a plane experience pleasure when lighting up a cigarette. The pleasure sensation spikes even before they inhale their first lung full of smoke, due to the expectation of relief and release associated with nicotine.

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