Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Produce A Fake Tooth From Putty

Create a Fake Tooth out of Putty

Whether you are gearing up for a Halloween party or simply wanting to create some realistic props for a stage play or home video, learning create a fake tooth out of putty is going to come in handy. You could choose to make yours in the shape of vampire fangs or simply go for the bucktooth look that is sure to get some laughs—but why not opt for the mold technique and replicate your very own teeth? Even though this is a very easy process, authenticity is greatly valued and when you follow these easy steps, you will know not only create a fake tooth out of putty but also make it look like your very own!


Create a Fake Tooth out of Putty

1. Mix the alginate according to manufacturer recommendations in the porcelain cup with the plastic spoon. You need about one tablespoon.

2. Pour the finished mix into the mouth guard.

3. Gently bite down on the mouth guard to create an imprint of your teeth. Do this over a paper towel to allow any overage to drip down. Do not swallow the material!

4. Wait until the alginate putty sets. Usually this only takes about three minutes, but depending on the brand you chose, it may take up to five. Gently probe the mouth guard with your tongue to get a feel of the alginate. If it feels pretty rubbery, it is time to remove the mold.

5. Open your mouth and lift the mouth guard off your teeth. Try doing this in a straight motion to avoid any snags or rips, especially if the alginate went in between tight fitting teeth.

6. Set aside the mold; brush, floss and rinse your teeth. Remove any alginate that might have stayed behind in your mouth. Although the material is rated as food grade and thus not toxic, it makes for a rather weird feeling if you keep it in your mouth and it begins to gradually disintegrate because of any foods you are eating.

7. Take a paper towel and gently dab dry the mold of your teeth you created.

8. Allow the mold to set completely. In the meantime, mix another smaller batch of the alginate putty. You are now going to create a fake tooth out of the putty using your very own cast!

9. Carefully pour the mix into the mold you fashioned. Fully set alginate will not bond to itself so you should have no problem removing the putty tooth once it had a chance to set.

10. Cut apart the set of teeth and excise just the one tooth you want to use.

11. Paint your tooth using professional tooth paint which is also used on dentures. Your finished product is now an example of create a fake tooth out of putty.

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