Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Exactly Why Is Giving up Smoking So Difficult

Although countless products and medications are available to assist smokers with kicking the habit, close to 1.3 billion worldwide are still smokers today, as of May 2006 according to the World Health Organization. There are many reasons why smoking is difficult to stop. From nicotine dependency to the psychological aspects, smoking can be one of the most troublesome addictions to overcome.


Although not popular as a recreational drug on its own, nicotine is just as noxiously addictive as heroin or cocaine. When cigarette smoke is inhaled, nicotine is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, and the brain is affected within seven seconds. Nicotine activates the same pleasure center of the brain as other addictive drugs.

Physical Aspects

Many smokers enjoy the physical aspect of smoking. Having something to hold and to inhale brings great comfort to many. These individuals have a high fail rate with cessation products such a nicotine gum and patches, because the physical comforts are absent.

Psychological Aspects

The social and psychological aspects of smoking can make quitting extremely challenging. Individuals who smoke usually have daily reminders of smoking. For example, socializing with friends or taking a lunch break can trigger the thoughts of smoking. It can be vexing for people to let go of the psychological habits.

Legal Issues

Even though nicotine is as addictive as heroin, it is still legal for adults to purchase cigarettes. The convenience of having cigarettes readily available at most corner and grocery stores makes the quitting process difficult.

Stress Relief

Smokers experience a relaxing effect when nicotine enters the bloodstream, thus helping to relieve stress. Smokers may rely on cigarettes to get them through stressful situations, and being without them during enervating events makes giving up smoking extremely challenging.


Although most individuals know that quitting smoking is good for their health, the fear of losing the smoking habit is more powerful than taking care of their health. This fear stems from different reasons. Some may fear gaining weight while others may fear the physical pains of withdrawal. Others may fear that they are losing a companion, or perhaps they feel that life would not be enjoyable without cigarettes.

Social Circles

Individuals that are around other smokers on a daily basis find it tough to break the habit. Being around smokers often triggers the craving for cigarettes. The best course of action if possible is to not be around smokers when trying to quit, but in many cases that is not feasible.

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