Monday, February 11, 2013

Concerning The Existence & Medical Health Insurance Exam

The life and health insurance exam is required in all states to make certain the newly licensed representative understands all the life and health insurance laws and the products before he begins to sell it.


Most states require at least a 70 percent score in order to receive a license.


The life and health insurance exam has three parts. They include product knowledge on life insurance, product knowledge on health insurance and the laws that govern both products.


You can take the health and life insurance tests separately. Most people take them at the same time since the law section is the same.


States often require pretest classroom or home study hours before you can take the life and health insurance examination.


The cost of the exam and study credits are normally not tax deductible because they're used to enter a new field, not maintain a position in one where you're working.

Self Study

Some states allow a self-study online program to accomplish the pretest study. It is highly unlikely that--without some form of study--you'll pass the life and health exam.

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