Thursday, January 30, 2014

Eliminate Nicotine Harm To Walls

Cigarette smoke will cause nicotine to discolor the interior decor.

Nicotine from excessive cigarette smoke leaves a greasy residue on walls and ceilings of rooms. The nicotine stains must be removed before the walls can be repainted or staining will eventually reappear. Oil-based paint or stain block will prevent nicotine stains from returning but the walls must be thoroughly washed down before application. Clear the affected room of furniture and other items before attempting to clean the walls and keep the area well-ventilated.


1. Put on the protective equipment before mixing the ammonia solution. Rubber gloves, face mask and eye protectors should be worn whilst carrying out the cleaning operation. Ammonia is an irritant so avoid contact with the eyes and skin at all times.

2. Mix 1 cup of plain ammonia to 1 gallon of warm water in a clean bucket.

3. Dip one of the absorbent cloths in the bucket of ammonia solution and wring until damp.

4. Wipe the nicotine stained wall with the absorbent cloth using a circular motion, starting from the bottom and work your way up. The nicotine will be removed from the walls. Continue until you have cleaned around 1/4 of the wall.

5. Fill the second cleaning bucket with clean water. The water will be used to wash the ammonia from the walls.

6. Dip a fresh absorbent cloth into the clean water and wring until damp.

7. Wash the wall where you have applied the ammonia solution.

8. Continue the cleaning method until the walls are free of nicotine stains.

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