Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Remove Nicotine From Upholstery

Cigarettes can leave nicotine stains on upholstered couches.

Nicotine is a poisonous substance found in cigarettes and chewing tobacco. Nicotine is what makes smokers physically addicted to cigarettes, according to the American Lung Association. Smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco indoors can cause tiny nicotine particles to drop onto upholstered surfaces. Oily brown nicotine stains can cause upholstery to appear dingy and unkempt. The longer the stains remain, the more embedded they become in upholstery fibers and are more difficult to remove. Fortunately, basic solutions can remove nicotine from upholstery.


1. Fill a plastic bowl with 2 cups of cold water. Add 1 tbsp. of liquid dish soap to the water. Thoroughly mix the solution.

2. Dampen a soft, clean cloth in the soapy water. Blot the nicotine with the damp cloth. Keep the soapy water on the upholstery for 30 minutes.

3. Blot the upholstery with paper towels until the solution is absorbed.

4. Insect the upholstery for remaining nicotine. If stains remain, continue blotting them with the soapy water.

5. Dampen another soft cloth with cold water. Blot the upholstery with the damp cloth to rinse out the soap.

6. Blot the upholstery with a terry cloth towel until completely dry.

7. Inspect the upholstery for remaining nicotine. If stubborn stains persist, combine 1 cup of warm water, 1 tbsp. of sodium thiosulfate and two drops of household ammonia in another plastic bowl. Thoroughly mix the solution.

8. Apply a few drops of the solution directly to the nicotine stain, using an eyedropper. Blot the upholstery with clean paper towels until the solution is completely absorbed.

9. Dampen another soft cloth with cold water. Blot the upholstery with the damp cloth to rinse out the solution.

10. Dry the upholstery with a clean terry cloth towel. Repeat the steps if necessary.

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