Thursday, January 9, 2014

Totally reset An Appearance Weight Set Point

The set point theory for body weight is similar to the set point theory for body temperature. If you are cold, your brain sends signals that influence you to sit by a fire or put on a jacket. Similarly, if you are hot, your brain sends signals for you to cool your body by turning on a fan or getting a cold drink.

The body weight set point theory suggests that your body has a preferred weight it tries to maintain. Should you do something crazy like going on a diet, the brain sends signals of urges to binge. Should you do something crazy like trying to add muscle mass, the body spikes your metabolism via increased temperatures to bring that weight down.

Those who try to change their bodies without acknowledging their body weight set points set themselves up for ultimate failure.


1. Identify a weight you have easily maintained for six months or longer. This is probably your body weight set point. The set point theory does not apply to your weight during a weight loss or weight gain effort. Your body weight set point is an effortless weight maintenance level. Knowing what this set point level is, and the lifestyle that goes along with that effortless management, is the first step to resetting your body weight set point.

2. Identify a weight loss/weight gain strategy you can adopt as a new lifestyle. If the program you embark on to gain or lose weight is only a temporary one that takes maximum effort on your part to maintain, then after a momentary enjoyment of your success, you will find that your body quickly returns to its previous weight, with a bonus: The problem you set out to fix gets even bigger. The set point theory for body weight explains the yo-yo dieting problem: When your body creates the triggers that get you back to your body weight set point, it is as if it also creates a savings bank to ensure that the next time you try that crazy weight loss/weight gain again, it has that extra gain or loss built in to balance that out.

3. Set the start date for your new lifestyle and start living it. If your new life includes regular exercise, then exercise regularly. If it includes meals with higher protein content to build and maintain muscle, then make sure you find ways to get that protein in regularly. Whatever your strategy for achieving your new preferred weight, it must be something you can easily maintain if you are to reset your body weight set point.

4. Create accountability systems until the new lifestyle becomes effortless. If you are on Weight Watchers or a similarly structured program, the accountability is already professionally provided. The Weight Watchers model is particularly well organized because once you successfully achieve your new, healthier weight, their lifetime membership offers free access to that accountability to help you maintain your new weight. At that point, if you keep up with the accountability of the program, it is very likely that you will have successfully reset your body weight set point.

5. Resetting your body weight set point is an accomplishment that only a small percentage of people successfully achieve. Pat yourself on the back for proving that personal will can overcome the body's natural tendencies.

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