Friday, January 10, 2014

Use Urine To Find Out Alcohol Levels

Urine analysis can quickly and accurately determine alcohol levels in the human body.

Handling a substance abuse problem in the home begins with proper identification. Home testing kits are available to assist families in identifying an alcohol abuse problem through urine analysis. Test kits can be purchased online or through a local pharmacy. Urine analysis is quick and painless with results provided by a laboratory within 48 hours. Testing kits used in conjunction with lab analysis can be one of the most effective ways to determine if alcohol is present in the system, but the test should be administered within a few days of suspected consumption.


1. Purchase an alcohol home test kit. Consult your local pharmacy to purchase a home alcohol test kit that uses a urine sample for analysis. These tests will require that you send results out to a laboratory for analysis. If you are unable to secure a home test kit from your pharmacy, you may opt to call your local police department's crime prevention department, or visit their website for test kit guidance.

2. Collect a urine sample within 24 to 48 hours of actual or suspected consumption. Most test kits will provide a sterile disposable cup to collect the sample. Use the disposable plastic cup enclosed in your test kit.

3. Fill the enclosed testing vials with urine for analysis. You test kit should include one or two vials, or needleless syringes. Enclosed with the kit will be instructions on safely fill the vials without contaminating the contents. Fill the enclosed vial(s) or syringes(s) based on the requirements of the kit manufacturer.

4. Secure the testing materials that contain urine with the proper caps or seals included in your test kit. If your kit includes a syringe to extract and store urine, ensure the syringe is properly capped and sealed. Follow disposal instructions to ensure that there are no leaks or contamination.

5. Complete the testing forms required for shipment and testing authorization. These forms give the partnering laboratory authorization to conduct a urine analysis, and will verify that you used the instructions to ensure that your submission has not been tampered with or contaminated in the collection process. Additional forms will include a shipping label and Chain of Custody form, which is a standard legal document required for any data sampling and analysis.

6. Submit the test kit for analysis and prepare to confirm analysis within 48 hours of receipt at the laboratory. Once your sample has been received by the laboratory, your results should be available within two business days. The laboratory will test for Ethyl Glucuronide and/or Ethyl Sulfate metabolites produced by the human body following alcohol consumption.

7. Contact the laboratory for results. Included in your test kit materials is a contact number to use for analysis results delivered over the phone. Results will provide a full overview of alcohol presence and levels in the system of the person being tested.

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