Thursday, April 18, 2013

Create A Cigarette Alternative From Less Dangerous Substances

Make a Cigarette Alternative From Less Harmful Substances

Whether you are an actor who needs to smoke for a role without becoming addicted or a current smoker who wants to free himself from a habit, there are alternatives to nicotine packed cigarettes. You don't even have to buy them if you know roll your own.


1. Lay one cigarette paper on a table in front of you, with the crease down so that the paper creates an open well.

2. Fill the paper well with an even line of dried clover flowers, marshmallow leaves, rose petals or tea leaves infused with ginseng, vanilla or menthol to improve the taste.

3. Carefully roll one long side of the paper around the dried plant material to create an even cylinder. Continue rolling until only a small flap of paper sticks up on the opposite long end.

4. Lick the flap, making sure not to get the paper too soggy, and then seal it to the rolled cylinder by pressing along its length with your finger.

5. Pinch off any excess plant material that may have seeped out of either end of the cylinder.

6. Place one end of the cigarette in your mouth, light the other end and inhale.

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