Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Listing Of Excuses Because Of Not Dating

An excuse is easy, but it can inhibit your dating life.

Dating is a tough and trying part of life that can bewilder many people. One of the central problems in dating lay in the minds of daters. A common theme is the fear of actually stepping out of a personal comfort zone and placing effort into dating, which usually manifests itself into an excuse for avoiding dating.

Lack of Time

There is no greater excuse for anyone than the typical "lack of time" excuse. Time fills the excuse bucket for a variety of people, from entrepreneurs and hobbyists to your fearful dater. As any entrepreneur knows, there is always time. The problem with time generally is not lack of time, it is time-efficiency. Many people count time-wasted as time-spent and, for any dater using this as an excuse, taking away 30 minutes of TV or online time per day will allot plenty of time to put into their dating lives, whether it means attending social venues, joining clubs or focusing on Internet dating.

No Ones Out There

A common complain among daters is that no one is single and available. This is quite true, at least for people that choose to not venture out of their comfort zones. In order to meet people, daters must be social; this requires networking with friends, whether through social media, phone or in-person. When invited to parties or get-togethers, daters should go and mingle, as every person you meet has their own connections. With a divorce rate close to 50%, there is no shortage of available daters constantly hitting the dating-market.

Not My Type

"They're not my type" must be one of the most judgmental phrases in dating. Very often, it holds true and is completely legitimate; however, sometimes it is used merely as an excuse to mask fear. The key is to make sure everyone gets a fair chance, as it can be nearly impossible to really know the inner-workings of someone without several dates. It can alternatively be a superficial judgment, based on aesthetic appearance. In this case, daters might risk losing a potential soul mate, simply from predetermined judgments; therefore, it is important to enter every situation with an open mind.


Shyness plagues many people in all walks of life; however, nearly everyone socially communicates in some form or fashion, whether it is at work, with family or in check-out lines in stores. Shyness should be thought of as a challenge to grow personally as opposed to a fact of life. There are also alternative options for dating that involve less invasive methods of meeting people, such as online dating. Searching online means that daters can browse profiles of people, choosing those they would like to contact---which can keep privacy-invasion to a minimum.

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