Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Smoking Details & Information

Smoking tobacco is a highly addictive, potentially costly and toxic habit. According to the American Cancer Society, teenagers have a higher smoking rate than adults. In order to prevent the devastating effects of tobacco use in adults and kids, it's important to get the facts about smoking.

Smoking Cessation Rate

According to TheTruth.com, about 5 percent of tobacco smokers successfully quit every year. According to the Canadian Lung Association, the best chances of successfully quitting are associated with using several resources including getting help from a counselor, joining a support group and using nicotine replacement products.

Unproven Methods of Quitting Tobacco Smoke

According to the Canadian Lung Association, the following methods have not been proven effective to help quit smoking: acupuncture, laser therapy and hypnosis.

World Smoking Deaths

According to TheTruth.com, every year about five million people around the world die from causes related to smoking.

Most Smokers Want to Stop

TheTruth.com reports that most people that smoke express a desire to stop.

Secondhand Smoke

According to the American Cancer Society, even secondhand smoke can cause cancer. Secondhand smoke is inhaled from another person smoking cigarettes nearby.

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