Thursday, April 11, 2013

What's Light Smoking

Smoking is harmful to your health.

There is no official definition of light smoking. However, it has become a term used in society because people and cigarette companies have long attempted to figure out still smoke while limiting some of smoking's deleterious effects. Light smoking implies smoking cigarettes less than the average cigarette smoker or smoking only light cigarettes.

Light Smoking Habits

Smokers who are especially at risk to harmful side-effects, such as pregnant women or even simply people who are often in a car with children or other people, may attempt to cut down on smoking without quitting entirely. Light smoking is typically considered smoking less then 10 cigarettes a day, Livestrong reports. Light smoking is something of a misnomer, because all smoking, no matter how "light," can lead to harmful side effects, because the body is exposed to a variety of harmful chemicals and toxins.

Negative Affects of Smoking

The harmful side effects of smoking are well documented. According to the American Cancer Society, up to 50 percent of smokers will die of a smoking-related condition unless they quit. Among the things that smoking, even light smoking, can lead to: multiple types of cancer, diseases of the lungs and heart disease, heart attack and stroke. Light smokers may do as much damage to themselves as "normal" smokers because as tolerance develops to nicotine levels, users may begin inhaling individual cigarettes more deeply than before.

The Danger of "Light" Cigarettes

Some cigarettes are labeled as "light" or "low tar" to entice smokers to buy them for the promise of less-harmful side effects, but this is not the case. WebMD reports that people who use light cigarettes are less likely to quit smoking than smokers who use normal cigarettes. In addition, light cigarettes are often inhaled more deeply or used more frequently, leading to the same amount of harmful side effects as normal cigarettes.

Best Way to Quit

Smokers trying to quit should discard all objects and tools associated with smoking, such as lighters and ashtrays, from their homes. Smokers should pick a date to quit, Livestrong reports.


The easiest way to prevent the harmful side effects of smoking is to not smoke at all. There are reasons why people begin smoking, including peer pressure and depression. However, not enough people truly understand how difficult it is to stop smoking. Seek the help of medical professionals and support of family members and friends who've quit smoking.

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