Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How Lengthy Do Opiate Distributions Last

How Long Do Opiate Withdrawals Last?

Opiate withdrawals are becoming common these days. How long the withdrawals last depends on a number of factors, including which type of opiate is being used and the length of time that it has been used. No matter the duration of the addiction, opiate withdrawal is always intense and often requires the help of a medical professional.

Week One

The first week is going to be very difficult. Expect to feel like you have the flu times 10. Every bone will ache, you will cough, your nose will run, your stomach will cramp, you will be so tired but likely unable to sleep, and unable to eat.

Week Two

The symptoms in Section 1 continue, but do begin to lessen a bit. You will notice increased anxiety, the inability to have reasonable thoughts and impaired judgment.

Week Three

The intense flu like symptoms begin to fade but are replaced with strong cravings for the opiates. This is because the brain is sending out the message that there is an absence of opiates in the body. Fighting the cravings is often worse than the sickness.

Week Four

Some lingering effects might be around still, but you should be able to continue on with daily living. There might be cravings for opiates and some depression during this time.

Beyond Week Four

While the actual illness from opiate withdrawal will likely be over by now, your mind is still going through the process. The anxiety, cravings and depression can last for a very long time.

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