Monday, April 15, 2013

Quit Using Electric Tobacco

Quit Using Smokeless

Smokeless tobacco's nicotine content drives the addiction. Snuff, dip and chewing tobacco contain known carcinogens that often result in forms of oral and throat cancer. Quitting entails a process with difficult moments, irritability, nervousness, stress and loss of concentration as the body withdraws from the deadly chemicals. Determination to quit throughout each day's struggle eventually overcomes these side effects.


1. Decide to quit using smokeless tobacco. Self-motivation plus a positive mindset provides the basis for successfully eliminating the habit.

2. Choose a calendar date to begin action. Be realistic by allowing several weeks for mental preparation.

3. Write a list of motivational reasons for quitting. Health matters, money spent, self-control, concern for others and work related issues highlight benefits gained from stopping the habit.

4. Seek alternatives to using smokeless tobacco. Have hard candy, gum, water, juice, fruit or nicotine replacements on hand to help offset the desire for tobacco.

5. Consider attending a support group to reinforce your need to quit. Call a clinic or hospital in your area for information, look in a local newspaper, usually in the community events column or perhaps your work place knows help.

6. Pray or meditate if you're a spiritual person. This often times brings a sense of peace and relaxation while re-directing your thoughts.

7. Save the money normally spent on smokeless tobacco in a special jar for a reward later.

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