Monday, April 29, 2013

Homemade Natural Auto Glass Cleaner

Homemade Natural Auto Glass Cleaner

Homemade auto glass cleaner is effective, inexpensive and can be better for the environment too. Natural detergents mixed with ordinary kitchen ingredients are often enough to cut through grime and leave you with a streak-free windshield and windows. Give your homemade glass cleaner a scent and professional look, if desired, and use the cleaner on glass in your home as well.

Vinegar Auto Glass Cleaner

A mixture of warm water and white distilled vinegar will cut through window and windshield grime on both the interior and exterior of the car, and undiluted vinegar cleans stubborn spots from auto glass. Vinegar is especially helpful for a smoker's interior windows, as it cuts through nicotine film and neutralizes odors. Add a few drops of castile soap, which is a natural detergent, to the mixture for additional cleaning power. Mix the solution in a spray bottle for storage and cleaning convenience-just shake before use.

Rubbing Alcohol Auto Glass Cleaner

Equal parts of warm water and isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol leave a streak-free shine on windows. suggests mixing rubbing alcohol with water, ammonia and a drop of dish detergent for homemade auto cleaner; substitute the dish detergent with castile soap for a green cleaner.

Auto Glass Cleaner Fragrances, Color

Add a few drops of fragrant essential oil for a scented glass cleaner. When added to vinegar, the essential oil scent will remain after the scent of vinegar dissipates. A few drops of blue or green food coloring, as suggested by Heloise Hints, will give your homemade cleaner a commercial look.

Natural Auto Glass Cleaning Tips

Use crumpled newspapers instead of paper towels, as they are effective window washers and help you re-use your paper products. Washable lint-free cloths are also helpful for detailing autos without contributing to extra waste. Wash your auto windows on a cloudy day or out of direct sunlight for a streak-free shine, as recommended by

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