Monday, January 6, 2014

Determine Whenever A Sample Will Pass A Medication Test

Drug tests are becoming standard in the hiring and retaining of employees in businesses throughout the United States. The most frequently done and cost effective drug test is a urine test; however, blood tests and hair samples can also reveal drugs. People who worry about passing a drug test want to know when drugs leave the system.


1. Estimate the length of time in generalities. Alcohol, inhalants and some hallucinogens tend to leave your body in less than 12 hours with infrequent use. Next are stimulants like cocaine and opiates like heroin, which last one to two days. Nicotine also falls into that category. Depressants can last weeks, particularly Valium.

2. Recognize that many factors go into how long drugs stay in the body. Chronic drug use, particularly of alcohol or marijuana, can keep drugs in your body longer. The higher the frequency of use and potency, the longer drugs stay in your system.

3. Realize that your weight, health, metabolism and method of drug exposure are all factors that affect the length of time drugs stay in your body.

4. Know that the least feared drugs can actually stay in your system longer. The THC in marijuana is fat-soluble and likes to hang out in your fat cells for up to 30 days. Anabolic steroids that plague professional athletes can last up to six months when injected.

5. Wash toxins, including drugs, out of your body sooner by drinking lots of water. Exercise is another way to get rid of toxins because you're sweating it out. However, exercise a few days before a drug test may actually increase the amount of THC in your body.

6. Think about your hair. Drugs stay in your hair follicles much longer, showing your drug use for up to six months.

7. Watch out for blood serum testing. Although a more expensive test, it's often used for serious job positions and sometimes for insurance policies.

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