Friday, February 7, 2014

About Tobacco Smoke Allergic reactions

About Cigarette Smoke

Cigarette smoking does not just affect the user, there are also problems with the second-hand smoke either exhaled by the smoker or simply floats away from the cigarette. This smoke, while still a cancer threat, also has many minor side effects, most of which come in the form of an allergic reaction. The fact that laws prohibiting indoor smoking use are prevalent throughout the country does not mean that this second-hand smoke does not still impact people with allergies.


The most common symptom from cigarette smoke allergies is simple respiratory infections. These infections produce build-up of phlegm within the lungs and ultimately impact the health of the person experiencing the second-hand smoke. This can lead to coughing, hoarseness and shortness-of-breath.


Common allergic reactions to cigarette smoke are similar to that of hay fever or pet dander. Eye irritation such as burning or watery eyes is generally a sure sign of an allergic reaction. Sometimes, this can lead to irritation of the sinuses such as simple nasal congestion. Taking a decongestant or allergy medicine usually helps these symptoms.


According to a study performed by the EPA, second-hand smoke from cigarettes can cause increased instances of asthma in children as part of an ongoing allergy. Sinusitis and bronchitis can also stem from too much exposure to smoke.


Some people suffer from allergic responses from just the smell of smoke. Even if there is no actual smoke present, the smell can still absorb into clothing and furniture. People can suffer basic reactions such as sneezing or itchy eyes from this as well.


The volume of people suffering from allergic responses continues to rise according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). An increased emphasis on nonsmoking policy has been pushed by the American Medical Association. Although banning of tobacco use is not likely, increased attention to an otherwise preventable allergy is taking place, and new laws and limitations will most likely continue.

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