Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Toxicity Signs and symptoms Of Nicorette Gum

Nicorette gum is used to treat nicotine addiction. Overuse of Nicorette gum can cause nicotine toxicity, as Nicorette is a nicotine based medication. This is especially true with people who use Nicorette gum in conjunction with other nicotine products such as the patch or cigarettes. Nicotine toxicity can cause a myriad of dangerous symptoms.

Normal Reactions With Nicorette

Nicorette gum will cause tingling sensations in the mouth and light headedness. If this happens, chew the gum more slowly.

When to Call the Doctor

Notify your doctor if you experience cold sweats, heart palpitations or near fainting episodes. These are signs of nicotine toxicity. Your doctor may recommend that you modify the way you use Nicorette

When to Go to the Emergency Room

Symptoms that warrant immediate medical attention include fainting, vomiting, rapid heart rate, seizures and difficulty breathing. These are symptoms of nicotine poisoning.

What to Avoid While Using Nicorette Gum

Avoid missing a dose of Nicorette Gum. If you do, skip your next dose. Doubling up can result in nicotine toxicity. Smoking, using a nicotine patch and using nicotine inhalors dramatically increase your risk of nicotine toxicity while using Nicorette Gum.

Tell Your Doctor

Make your doctor aware of all medications you are taking. This includes any herbal supplements. Medications that can effect the nicotine levels in your blood while using Nicorette Gum include insulin, beta blockers, certain pain medications and theophyline drugs for Asthma.

Keep Away From Children

Call the Poison Control Center immediately if your lucid child has chewed Nicorette Gum. If the child is unconscious or complaining of any of the above described symptoms, seek emergency medical attention.

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