Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Smoking Effects Around The Fingers

Smoking Effects on the Fingers

It is well-known that smoking causes many serious conditions, such as lung cancer. However, it can also have noticeable effects on your fingers. The use of cigarettes can affect your circulation and change the appearance of your skin.


Smoking can cause problems with your circulation owing to cholesterol deposits. This effect can be felt in the fingers and other extremities; the decreased blood flow may make your fingers feel cold.


Your skin may become paler and turn yellow owing to the cigarettes lowering the oxygen content in your blood. Your skin's collagen levels and blood flow may be reduced, which affects your skin's elasticity; this may cause your skin to look aged and wrinkled.


Holding onto cigarettes can also cause your skin to become discolored. Your fingers and nails may turn yellow from constantly holding onto nicotine-filled cigarettes.

Other Considerations

Smoking affects many parts of the body and can cause serious damage to many of its essential systems. Smoking puts you at higher risk for a heart attack, certain cancers (such as lung cancer) and emphysema.


Your body will begin to heal itself very soon after you stop smoking. Your risks for serious conditions will rapidly decrease, and you may notice that some of your side effects, such as those cold and yellow fingers, begin to get better.

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