Friday, February 21, 2014

Tips About Passing A Military Drug Test

Enlisting in the military is a serious responsibility and one that should not be taken lightly. The United States military wants men and women dedicated to serving their country and serious about their futures. Taking and passing a drug test is required for most branches of the military. Once you enlist, you must pass the test before going to preliminary training.

Detection Times

Drugs can only stay in the human body for a set amount of time. LSD typically stays in the system for one day or less, while marijuana can stay in the system for up to 15 days or more according to Home Health Testing. Other drugs, including PCP, crystal methamphetamine, Ecstasy, codeine, and cocaine last up to three days according to Drug Testing Facts. A small amount of the drug may still appear in your system and cause you to fail a military drug test. If you abstain from the drugs for a week or more before the test, then you have a better chance of passing.


Flushing is a common method used to pass any kind of drug test, including a military one. With flushing, you keep drinking water in the days before the test and flush all toxins out of your system. You must drink a large amount of water every day and continue drinking the water, forcing your body to urinate more frequently. Every time you urinate, check your urine. It should reach the point where your body is simply pushing out water and not any toxins. Increasing your vitamin intake may also help you pass a drug test. The vitamins mask and cover the drug use by diluting the level of drugs found in the urine. Your urine may even change color, due to the amount in your system.


Websites and companies advertise detox products and flushing products designed to flush drugs out of your system. The military tests for products of this kind and if you test positive for a detox product, you automatically fail the test. Water works the same way as the products, but doesn't send up a red flag on the test.

The Future

The military can and does randomly test for substance abuse, especially if your superior officers receive a tip that you're using illegal drugs. You have no way of knowing when the test might occur and no way to prepare for the test. If you test positive for drugs, then you face disciplinary actions, including removal from the military.

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