Monday, February 24, 2014

Is Miralax Addictive

With all the options available for constipation relief, it is important to choose a medication that provides relief and is best for your overall health. Because many laxatives can become addictive with long-term use or abuse, you must be cautious when choosing one.


Miralax is proven to be safe and effective for constipation relief and is available over the counter. Compared to other options available, Miralax has no harsh side effects.


When constipated, water is lost from your digestive system. Miralax works to balance the water in your system, and provides comfort and control when you need to go.


Most laxatives artificially stimulate nerves in the colon. Long-term use of harmful laxatives can cause your bowels to forget work on their own. Miralax is non-habit forming and can be used long-term with no concern for permanent damage.


Even though Miralax is the first prescription laxative in 30 years to be available over the counter, you should always consult your doctor when choosing medication for constipation relief.

Side Effects

Unlike other laxatives, Miralax does not cause bloating, cramping, gas or sudden urgency. Also, when you take Miralax (by dissolving it in water or juice), it has no grit or taste.

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