Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Make Different Measures Of Any Nicotine Products

The length of your cigarette depends on the rolling papers you choose.

Rolling your own cigarettes is the best way to control the length and type of cigarette you smoke. Rolling papers are available in a variety of lengths.The freedom to choose the components of your cigarette allows for greater enjoyment. In addition, rolling your own cigarettes can reduce the amount of cash you spend to feed your habit. Whether you do it by hand or use a portable rolling machine, rolling your own cigarettes is the way to control the length and size of your smokes.


Choose Your Papers

1. Rolling papers are available in a variety of sizes. Drive to the nearest smoke or tobacco shop for the greatest variety of sizes to choose from.

2. Single wide rolling papers are 68 mm to 70 mm long and 34 mm to 36 mm high (roughly 2.75 inches by 1.4 inches). These are the standard size papers, used most commonly by those who roll their own cigarettes. They will most likely be available at gas stations and head shops.

3. One-and-a-quarter rolling papers are a bit larger than single wide. These papers measure at 76 mm to 78 mm long and 45 mm to 48 mm high (3.1 inches by 1.8 inches). These allow for greater fill and slightly longer cigarettes.

4. One-and-a-half rolling papers have the same length as the one and a quarter, but are substantially higher at 60 mm to 62 mm, or 2.4 inches high. These will be the same length as the above-mentioned papers, but are filled much thicker.

5. King-size rolling papers are extremely long with a medium height. They measure at 100 mm to 105 mm long and 55 mm to 60 mm high (4 inches by 2 inches). These are the longest cigarettes.

Roll a Cigarette

6. Choose a flat, clean and dry surface to roll you cigarette. Open your tobacco pouch and check that your tobacco is dry, free from debris and ready to separate. For first timers, it is a good idea to separate out some tobacco beforehand to keep your hands free once the rolling process begins. Separate one rolling paper from your pack of papers.

7. Place the rolling paper of your choice, glue-side up, on your flat surface. Roll your filter (a small piece of cardboard or index paper) into an "S" shape and place it at the left end of your rolling paper.

Sprinkle your separated tobacco into the paper, avoiding the filtered end of the smoke.

8. Pick up paper by both ends and roll the paper closest to you underneath the sticky side. Begin at the base of the smoke and move to the filtered end of the cigarette.

9. When you have formed a cylinder, tuck the edges of the close side underneath the glue side of the paper. Do not worry about spilling tobacco.

10. Wet the glue edge of the paper with your tongue and continue rolling shut. Smoke and enjoy.

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