Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Clean With Vanilla Flavoring

Vanilla extract is not just for cooking or baking--it can also be used as a cleaning tool for your refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker or accidental spills. Use a clean sponge for each project to avoid accidental cross-contamination.


1. Get a new, clean sponge and wet it with water. Wring out excess water so that the sponge does not drip.

2. Find some common vanilla extract in your kitchen cupboard. Saturate one of the sponge's sides with drops of vanilla extract. If you have a choice between artificial and natural vanilla extract, choose to clean with artificial vanilla extract because of its extra-potent scent.

3. Empty your refrigerator. Wipe your refrigerator's shelves and drawers down with the sponge. Pay special attention to areas of your refrigerator that contain strong-smelling foods.

4. Wipe the inside of a microwave with a sponge. Make sure to wipe corners and the microwave's top where food particles may accumulate.

5. Sponge up accidental spills with vanilla extract. The sponge absorbs the liquid and the vanilla extract neutralizes leftover odors.

6. Add a few drops of vanilla extract to your vacuum cleaner dust bag or filter so that carpets smell like vanilla every time you vacuum.

7. Put a few drops of vanilla extract in your coffee maker the next time you clean and cycle it. The vanilla neutralizes the scent of coffee and may also make your next batch less bitter.

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