Friday, September 13, 2013

Perils Of Laser Skin Treatment To Prevent Smoking

Risks of Laser Treatment to Stop Smoking

Kicking the smoking habit reduces a persons risk of developing long-term cancer and developing heart disease. Cold Laser therapy may work for some people with a nicotine habit. Patients should know of the few risks they take when using this procedure.

No Scientific Proof

The American Cancer Society states that no study has shown that cold laser therapy helps a person stop smoking.

Wasted Money if Not Successful

The biggest risk of cold laser therapy is that the user might spend money on a treatment that might not work for him. The treatment requires one to three sessions and can cost between $300 and $400.

Eye Damage

Eye damage occurs frequently in low-level laser therapy. Patients and practitioners should wear goggles to prevent this.


If the treatment does work, the treated gains the health benefits of not smoking. A smoker should discuss how he plans to quit smoking with his doctor before deciding on any course of treatment.

How It Works

The technician directs the laser to certain areas of the skin. The goal is to get the body to release endorphins that simulate the chemicals the body responds to in nicotine. Cold laser therapy uses a modern from of acupressure.

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