Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Roll Your Personal Cigarette Tubes

You can easily roll your own cigarettes.

Rolling cigarettes into thin tubes for smoking is a timeless art. Nowadays, many people buy their cigarettes pre-rolled, but there is something nostalgic and gratifying about rolling your own from time to time. You can roll cigarettes yourself using a few basic items found at most tobacco shops, and the cost of buying these items isn't more than a pack of cigarettes. Also, one pack of loose tobacco will make more cigarettes one traditional pack.


1. Fold a square of cigarette paper in half so you have a crease that makes a slight V-shape in the paper.

2. Drop a few pinches of loose tobacco into the bottom of the crease.

3. Place a round paper filter at one tip of the fold.

4. Roll the paper around the filter until the paper becomes a thin tube.

5. Lick one edge of the paper and place the other edge on the damp line, securing the two sides together.

6. Tap the end of the cigarette with the filter on a table to pack the tobacco.

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